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The Terrace Art Gallery is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching local and regional culture by providing a continuous exposure to the visual arts and encouraging community involvement through outreach, education and service. The Terrace Art Gallery was established in 1981, thanks to the efforts of hundreds of local volunteers, business people and donors who believed in the need for a community art gallery. It is still overseen and operated largely on donations and the efforts of community volunteers. The Terrace Art Gallery is located in the lower level of the Terrace Public Library. Visitors are encouraged to check out the gift-shop, which sells the wares of local artisans, as well as the on-going monthly exhibitions of regional artists. Admission is by donation. The Terrace Art Gallery also offers many outreach and arts educational programs and events for people of all ages. =

Meet Laura McGregor, Art Gallery Coordinator & the Terrace Art Associaton

Meet Laura McGregor, Art Gallery Coordinator & the Terrace Art Associaton

The Terrace Art Gallery is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the arts and local, BC and Canadian artists. Since it first opened in the community in 1981, the Terrace Art Gallery has hosted hundreds of exhibitions and displayed a variety of artistic mediums including paintings, sculptures, pottery, photography and many others.

The Terrace Art Gallery is a non-profit organization operated by the Terrace Art Association. The association is made up of a group of dedicated community volunteers with a deep personal commitment to the furthering of the arts. Daily operations of the gallery are overseen by coordinator Laura McGregor who feels privileged to work within such a talented arts community. "We are proud of what we have," says Laura. The beautiful works that are housed in the gallery and in various other venues around town "make our customers, our artists, the art-supporters and community smile."

In Laura's experience, Terrace is a wonderful place both for doing business and for the arts specifically. The community has been overwhelmingly supportive of the art gallery and its various programs. Much of that credit goes to the small businesses of Terrace, whose owners, Laura says, have a real passion for the community and its residents. She also notes that art council members and volunteers work very hard, and not just at the arts. Many volunteers are involved in multiple local organizations on a volunteer basis, from the library to Terraceview Lodge to local schools. It is dedication like that which keeps the community vibrant and strong.

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