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Discover how your past, present and future are intertwined with Tarot by Toni. Tarot has been used for centuries to give insight into one’s life and how various life events are related to one another. Tonia Blake is a gifted Tarot card reader who uses her gift to help others enlighten their future path based on the interpretation of their cards. Tarot by Toni uses the basic Celtic cross, relationship, health and spiritual journey spreads. Tonia offers confidential service in a supportive and understanding environment.

Meet Tonia Blake

Meet Tonia Blake

Tonia Blake didn't necessarily set out to be a Tarot card reader. Rather, like many other Tarot card readers, she happened into it and discovered that she had a knack for it. It led her to study the discipline and its history. Eventually she knew she was meant to share her gift with others in order to help provide them with guidance on their life journey.

Terrace is Tonia's hometown and she wouldn't have that any other way. Its relaxing pace is perfectly suited to her lifestyle. Life is unhurried, and the people are cordial. Everyone is connected in one way or another, and people really look out for each other in hard times. For Tonia, it makes everything more personal, whether she helping a client or just out and about in the community running errands. She is also appreciative of its natural beauty and all of the outdoor activities available here.

Tonia believes that small businesses are an integral part of Terrace and always will be. She feels privileged to play a small part in the business community and looks forward to what the years have in store for her hometown.

4627 Lakelse Ave
Terrace, BC V8G 1P9


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