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Spirit Bear Express offers light general freight courier pickup/delivery services between Terrace and Prince George, BC. Service beyond Prince George is also available to a large portion of western Canada as Spirit Bear Express is insured and licensed to operate within a 1600 kilometre radius of Terrace. As demand increases, Spirit Bear Express plans to grow by adding weekly and/or daily trips to select destinations to return to Terrace. Hotshot services are also available for last-minute and time-sensitive deliveries. Spirit Bear Express is a locally-owned-and-operated company and is committed to providing rates that are competitive with other carriers and personalized service that far exceeds what a corporate or franchise delivery company can provide. Spirit Bear Express is also committed to privacy and safety. It is fully licensed and insured.

Meet Eric Roy

Meet Eric Roy

Eric Roy is a self-starter who loves a good challenge. Undaunted by competition, he started Spirit Bear Express in 2015 in order to provide a locally based high quality freight service option with very reasonable rates. A small town like Terrace is the perfect place for such a venture. "To me, being able to get to know customers on a first name basis is very important and is easier 'done than said' in a small town," Eric states. With many connections already here in his hometown of Terrace, he's off to a great start. "It's much more engaging to do business here," he says. It is likely due to the nature of Terrace residents and a tendency toward a laid-back, unhurried lifestyle. Says Eric, "It's a more relaxed atmosphere. In a small town I feel there's more space and more freedom to get things done in a timely and stress free manner."

Not only is the atmosphere desirable and the people welcoming and down-to-earth, Terrace was grown out of a spectacular location. "It's hard to argue the fact that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world," Eric contends. When it comes to down-time activities, Eric enjoys just about anything and everything outdoorsy. With so much diverse terrain in and around Terrace, there is an endless list of ways to take advantage of the outdoors.

Eric is looking forward to growing his business over the coming years. He believes that Terrace has a diverse range of excellent businesses and services that serve the community well. With talk of projects being developed in the area, Eric feels that Terrace is poised for bright and exciting future.

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