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Skeena Valley Farmers Market proudly hosts up to 80 local vendors every Saturday from May 1- Oct 31 on Market Street. With an emphasis on “Make it, Bake it, Grow it,” the Skeena Valley Market encourages locals to invest in their own local artisans’ food producers and growers and to develop relationships with them.

Visitors to the market on any given Saturday will discover a colourful array of farm fresh produce, meats and meat products and eggs plus a variety of home-baked and home-cooked foods including several different types of ethnic foods. The market is also rife local artwork and crafts. Entertainment by way of local musicians, bands and musical groups adds to the festive atmosphere of the marketplace.

The tourism award-winning Skeena Valley Farmers Market is one of BC’s oldest and largest farmers markets and has become a destination for both shoppers and vendors alike.

Meet The Skeena Valley Farmers Market Board Members

Meet The Skeena Valley Farmers Market Board Members

The Skeena Valley Farmers Market is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a self-sustaining community of food producers. It does this by providing a venue for local farmers, food producers and artisans to showcase and sell their wares and encouraging residents to purchase food and other goods from their fellow community members. The Skeena Valley Farmers Market is one of BC largest and has developed a strong reputation not only within the Skeena Valley but throughout northwest BC. Vendor spaces are in high demand and there are rarely vacancies, a fact that the Skeena Valley Farmers Market board members are both proud of and humbled by.

In spite of its growth throughout the years, the Skeena Valley Farmers Market retains a very grassroots flavour. Its board members are all volunteers from within the community. Many are farmers, artisans, food producers and market vendors themselves. Each member is personally invested in the market and its success and committed to ensuring that it remains a vital part of Terrace for many more years to come.

Above all, market volunteers are proud of the many wonderful vendors who contribute so much to their community. Every one works hard to produce their goods and make them available to their Skeena Valley neighbours at affordable prices. The market has also developed a loyal following of shoppers who are committed to buying and eating local in order to help their community thrive. The market has even become a destination for out-of-town visitors and tourists who recognize the high-quality nature of the Skeena Valley Farmers Market and its goods.

Market St
Terrace, BC


Saturdays on Market Street
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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