Skeena Valley Apiary

Agriculture & Food Production

From high in the mountains surrounding the Skeena Valley comes some of northern BC’s purest, tastiest honey. The Skeena Valley Apiary carries a variety of delicous, no-pesticide, all-natural honey products produced largely from fireweed nectar. This gives Skeena Valley Apiary’s honey a distinctive light colour and subtle flavour, earning it the nickname “the champagne of honey.” Skeena Valley Apiary honey is available in raw liquid, creamed and cut comb form and is available to the public at the local farmer’s market, Vitality Spa + Clinic and at Baker Extraordinaire. Skeena Valley Apiary is also a queen bee breeder and offers queens, bees and nucs for sale.

Skeena Valley Apiary is a member of the BC Honey Producers Association and the BC Queen Breeders Association. It was the second place winner in the BC Honey Producers BC Honey Competition in 2014.

Meet Rudi Peters

Meet Rudi Peters

Rudi Peters has an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted not just to work for himself but to do something that would have a positive impact on the environment. He took up beekeeping in 2009 and has been growing his honey-producing and bee-breeding business ever since. In fact, he is looking forward to adding new hives for a total of 200 in upcoming years.

Rudi focuses on organic and sustainable methods of beekeeping on his farm. He doesn't use pesticides. Each summer the bees spend two months in the mountains feeding off of fireweed and other natural, native plant life. It is this diet that produces his signature honey. The final honey product is produced with very little processing so that all of its crucial trace pollens, vitamins, minerals, and active enzymes remain present.

Having his own business affords Rudi a lifestyle in Terrace that he deeply appreciates. Here, he says, you "don't feel like a rat in a maze," as people living in cities often do. He likes the friendly atmosphere and the fact that living in a small town allows him to know the people who are his customers and have more personal interactions with them.

4524 Haugland Ave
Terrace, BC V8G 1G3


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