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Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse is Terrace’s first micro-brewery, crafting beers of distinction and educating locals on the adventures of beer. Come experience the journey to Sherwood Mountain by watching the actual crafting process take place and then finishing off your visit with a sample or two. Enhance the experience with keepsakes and food pairings.
Craft beer employs traditional brewing methods which calls for brewing in small batches, emphasizing flavor, quality and freshness. Sherwood Mountain produces several signature brews available year-round, like its Friar’s Classics, as well as a number of limited edition, special occasion batches. Enjoy a pint, take a growler (refillable jug) home or purchase a keg for an event. Try bratwurst on a bun on Wednesdays or stop in for beer and pizza after work on Friday.

Meet Darryl Tucker & Linda Parker

Meet Darryl Tucker & Linda Parker

Darryl Tucker had been in business management and marketing his whole professional life, but always for someone else. So when long-time friend Linda Parker raised the idea of starting a craft brewery, Darryl was intrigued. Darryl had always been passionate about beer and customer service while Linda had substantial business skills gained by operating her own business, working in financial services and managing other businesses. So a craft brewery sounded like the ideal challenge for the two of them. Soon, Darryl and Linda were working as business partners, planning their new craft brewery operation.

First, though, Darryl had to learn the art of beer-making. This led him to Germany for six months to study under some of Europe’s finest brewmasters, and Ontario where he connected with the Canadian craft scene. Linda spent some time learning about beer too, on a trip through Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic visiting breweries and sampling the goods. Darryl and Linda finally opened their new brewery in December, 2014.

Much effort was put into the layout and design of the brewery because for Linda and Darryl, Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse is as much about ambiance as it is about the products they make. Visitors regularly comment about how impressed they are with the facility and the equipment. “Our goal is to have a facility that will last long after we’re gone,” says Darryl. Of course, the final product is what visitors are really after, and so far, reviews are highly positive. Linda and Darryl are proud to have created brews that the locals love, and to have brought something unique to Terrace’s business scene. As for the future, Darryl and Linda aren’t too worried. No matter what the economy, “people always drink beer!”

Suite 101 4816 Hwy 16
Terrace, BC V8G 1L6


Saturday to Wednesday
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Thursday - Friday
12:00 pm - 9:00 pm