Rushing River Apiaries

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See what all the buzz is about with Rushing River Apiaries! This family-run apiary produces scrumptious, freshly harvested honey which is optimally suited for the northern market. Raw honey boasts natural benefits not found in your standard, heavily-processed variety, such as antioxidants and antibacterial, antifungal and digestive properties. Aside from the multitude of health benefits, raw honey simply tastes superior to its mass-produced counterpart. Rushing River Apiaries sells a variety of honey types, including fireweed honey, a prized treasure gathered by honeybees only in the rugged mountains of British Columbia.

In addition to their delicious honey, Rushing River Apiaries also markets handmade beeswax candles and other hive products. All products are 100% natural, and make wonderful gifts for any occasion. You can pick-up your very own Rushing River goodies at numerous location throughout Terrace, or shop their convenient, online store. ‘Bee’ quick or there might not be any left!

Meet Christine & Tavis McDonald

Meet Christine & Tavis McDonald

What began as a quirky hobby quickly became a small family business for the McDonald family. In 2016 they purchased their first two colonies of honeybees, which was only meant to be a backyard garden enhancer. It was evident that Christine and Tavis stumbled upon a newfound passion; even their two young children fell head over heels for the little pollinators. Their little bee farm has received rave reviews from the community. “The satisfaction of knowing that people love our stuff is what keeps us going,” sasy Christine. Terrace has made a significant impact on the McDonalds in more ways than one. Long before children and bees came along, Christine and Tavis accepted temporary work contracts to the region. Setting down roots in their beloved new town was an easy choice, because according to the McDonalds, there really is no place they'd rather be. “We love camping on the banks of the Skeena, skiing at Shames, and hiking the local hills with our two young kids,” shares Christine.