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ReBecca Art by Georges provides watercolour originals, prints and cards but may be best known for unique coffee paintings. Artist Rebecca Georges grew up in an artistic home. Her mother, a painter, incorporated art into just about every part of Rebecca’s young life, and it is those roots that she has returned to in her retirement.

Building upon the early instruction she received from her mother, Rebecca is largely self-taught and has developed a distinctive style that is garnering her much local acclaim. She draws a great deal of her inspiration from nature, particularly Terrace’s spectacular outdoor setting and wildlife. Works of ReBecca Art By Georges are available for purchase at various locations around town, including the Terrace Art Gallery Gift Shop (4610 Park Avenue). Rebecca Georges also provides watercolour and coffee painting instruction.

Rebecca Georges is a member of the Terrace Art Gallery.

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Meet Rebecca Georges

Meet Rebecca Georges

Art was always a part of Rebecca Georges' life, but she didn't have a lot of time to pursue it during her professional years as a mediator. When she retired, she decided to pursue her first love of painting. These days it is her full-time "job," though it's not at all like work. "Art is like a silent language that allows me and others to express our experiences," says Rebecca. "It is a recreation, a kind of therapy, and results in a product that is one of a kind."

Rebecca was an experienced and skilled watercolour artist when she decided to try her hand at something different: coffee painting, using coffee as a medium instead of watercolours. Over time she has honed her skills in both watercolour and coffee painting and her work is now generating a local buzz among art lovers.

Small town living is a lifestyle that agrees with Rebecca in every way. She loves many things about it, from its culture to its diversity to the practical fact that it is compact enough to get anywhere in ten minutes or less. "And that 10 minutes is filled with a wondrous, beautiful setting nested in mountains," she adds. Plus, "small towns let you experience roles that you would never access in large they leadership roles like mayor, councillor, education board" or simply serving in a community organization in some capacity.

Rebecca didn't set out to become an entrepreneur. Instead, it came with territory of creating art and then finding venues in which to exhibit and sell her work. Instead, she is simply someone who loves to paint and found, to her delight, that her work resonated with people. As an artist, Rebecca feels that sharing a passion and appreciation for art with the community is important, so she also teaches art. "I think seeing someone discover their own joy in doing artwork is almost as satisfying as having someone else appreciate my artwork," she says. "Art is a language to share as well as a process of discovery. I am an entrepreneur in spite of myself!"

4610 Park Ave
Terrace, BC V8G 1V6


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