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JJ’s Woodart provides quality artisan custom wood carvings including artwork, interior and exterior furniture, murals and memorials. Internationally-renowned German-born Terrace artist Joerg Jung is rapidly making a name for himself as an artist. Skilled in realism, Joerg is known especially for his detailed wildlife carvings. Jeorg is a rising star in the world of chainsaw carving. He regularly appears in live chainsaw carving shows and competitions throughout BC. He is also well known for his antler carvings. JJ’s Woodart is committed to client satisfaction, with endless options for custom and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Meet Joerg Jung

Meet Joerg Jung

Joerg Jung and his partner first came to Canada from Germany in 2010 on what was originally planned as a one-year stay. However, the couple quickly fell in love with Canada and decided to apply for permanent residency, which they received in 2013. It didn't take them long to become a part of the community of Terrace, a place they were drawn to for its friendly people, spectacular setting and world-class fishing.

Joerg is a self-taught artist who did some carving before his arrival in Canada. Once here, he decided to pursue his craft full-time and soon became well-known in the chainsaw carving circuit. He frequently appears in shows and competitions. In fact, he will be representing Canada at the World Chainsaw Carving Competition. He appreciates being able to make a living with his art. Most of all, he derives satisfaction from making people happy with the things that he creates. "I love being able to see people walking away with a smile on their faces when they purchased a piece," says Joerg. "I love making people happy and providing them with the art they asked me to do. "

Art and carving are both work and a hobby for Joerg. When he isn't busy working on his next project, he enjoys spending quality time with his partner. Often this involves outdoor activities of some kind, or visiting some of their favourite local shops and sites, like Antiques, Artisans & Oddities, Gemma's, Creative Zone, the Terrace Farmers' Market and the George Little House.

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