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Nestled in the valley along the picturesque Skeena River is the Hidden Acres Farm and Treehouse Resort. This family hobby farm encompasses 90 fertile acres and produces a variety of crops and animal products. Starter plants are available in the spring, and produce is sold during the summer. Farm fresh free-range eggs are available year-round. Miniature goat kids are sold in early spring. Hidden Acres Farm products are available at the farm’s booth at the Skeena Valley Farmers Market or at the farm gate by appointment.

Hidden Acres Farm is excited to be offering unique, treehouse style agri-accommodations just minutes from town. Each of our 5 treehouse-style cabins is equipped with a kitchenette, 3 piece bathroom, a cozy fireplace, and a balcony with amazing views of lush fields, mountains and even wildlife. Wifi is available and there is a TV/DVD player but make sure to bring your own USB drive or DVDs as there is no cable or satellite. Homemade jellies and fresh produce from the greenhouse are often available. Guests are invited to tour the farm, enjoy bird watching, fishing, hike on nearby trails, picnic or simply bask in the solitude and serenity of the farm. Cabins are available for nightly, weekend and weekly rental. Event site available for weddings, parties and group retreats.

Meet Jonathan & Jaclyn Gagnon and Judi Rosenau

Meet Jonathan & Jaclyn Gagnon and Judi Rosenau

When you live in a small community, even a trip to the store is a social event. That's because it's easy to get to know people in Terrace, and when you go out you're bound to run into someone that you know. It is one of the aspects that Jaclyn Gagnon most appreciates about living in Terrace. The small town familiarity breeds genuine interest in and concern for fellow community members, which comes in handy when times get tough. It also makes developing relationships with the farm's customers easier. In fact, this is what the farm movement is all about: the ability for consumers to connect with the local farmers who grow their food. Jaclyn and her husband, Jonathan Gagnon and her mother Judi Rosenau always enjoy chatting with their customers, whether its at the farmers' market or at the farm gate. "I know many of my customers by name and call them my friends," says Jaclyn. "They know me, they know I love what I do and that I take pride in the knowledge I have, the seeds I use and the plants and produce that come from them." All of this contributes not just to better community but also to a healthier, more sustainable eco and food system.

Second only to Terrace's wonderful citizens is all of its fantastic, breathtaking and diverse scenery, says Jaclyn. From their farm's beautiful location on the Skeena River to the mountains in the background, there is always something to see and do in and around Terrace in the outdoors.

Jaclyn grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Her parents were business owners, and Jaclyn always thought that she too would like to have her own business one day. She, Jonathan and Judi all have a passion for farming, so combining it with a business mindset has proved to be a rewarding venture for the family. In fact, Jaclyn cannot imagine doing anything else. Just as they built the greenhouse that now grows their food, they are now building their treehouse cabins that will soon house guests who want to get a small taste of farm life. They are excited to be able to share their passion for farming in yet another way when the tourism part of their farm opens.

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