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Harrow Community Foods provides the community of Terrace and surrounding areas with scrumptiously organic and local produce. With bi-weekly delivery dates, customers can expect top quality products and nourishing fruits and veggies. Each item is carefully selected and inspected. Harrow Community Foods strives to focus their “Harrow Boxes” on local farms, ensuring strong and healthy economic support.

From farm to table, each box offers a variety of harvest bounty. Many staple items make-up the contents, as well as new and intriguing items. Encourage your creative chef skills and let the flavour combinations explode! Custom orders for bulk produce are available for those who enjoy canning.

With Harrow Community Foods, your meal times have never looked or tasted better!

Meet Emma Weston

Meet Emma Weston

In 2017, the opportunity arose to purchase the Harrow Community Foods business. The timing couldn’t have worked out more beautifully, so Emma jumped at the chance. The entrepreneur and busy mom feels ecstatic to be providing a source of nourishment to many local families, while at the same time encouraging the support of local, small businesses in the process.

Emma Weston loves how easy it is to get really involved in Terrace. With so many events, organizations and groups to be a part of, you would never know it’s as small as it is. Emma regularly gets out and gets active, utilizing all that Terrace has to offer. She hits the local ski hill and enjoys many sporting and fitness activities.

An active and healthy lifestyle is important to the mother of two. Emma wants to share her passion with her children and her community. She sees the potential for Terrace to grow as a health-conscious community, partly thanks to the overwhelming support her farm to feast program has received. “We are a strong little community and I see an increase in support and promotion of local businesses,” remarks Emma.

Terrace, BC


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