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Gypsy Lady Crystals & Things is Terrace’s premier source for gifts to assist the body, mind and spirit. Gypsy Lady Crystals & Things’ selection of spiritual gifts help users find balance, love, light, peace, joy, and inspiration in their spiritual quest. Guests will find a large and diverse array of gifts, quality authentic native arts, new and used books, souvenirs, meditation tools, rocks and crystals for reiki, shamanism, angels, pagans, druids and lightworkers. Guests will also discover a range of products and decor for the home, including beeswax candles, incense and dream catchers. Periodic workshops are also offered. Gypsy Lady Crystals & Things is proud to be a part of your spiritual quest and helping you manifest the life you desire.

Meet Meriana (Mikki) Budzyk

Meet Meriana (Mikki) Budzyk

One of the things that Meriana Budzyk most appreciates about small town living and working is that people who live in small towns, like Terrace, still value a sense of connectedness to one another. Unlike in a busy city setting, people take the time to stop and chat when they meet on the streets and in shops. That camaraderie adds depth and richness to even everyday, ordinary tasks like grocery shopping, and it is certainly not something you can get from shopping online. In fact, Meriana sees a definite consumer movement back toward the kind of small, boutique-style shopping that once predominated the market. “People are getting tired of the un-personal experience of big box stores,” she says.

It is this kind of service and shopping experience that Meriana prides herself on providing to her customers. Meriana started her business to provide products and services that were not readily available previously in Terrace, and she gets a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction out of being able to connect customers with the things they want and need, and of “being a bridge between suppliers and customers.” When she is able to inspire creativity in people it makes her job worthwhile.

Another part of Terrace living that Meriana appreciates is its immersion in nature. She notes that there are many diverse ways to enjoy nature here, whether it is through some type of outdoor sport or simply going for a walk on one of Terrace’s many wonderful trails. Meriana is a nature-lover herself and likes to spend time outdoors when she’s not busy working. She also enjoys shopping at some of her own favourite local independent shops when she has the chance, including Hype Tea, Sacred Space Wellness and Northwest Specialty Foods.

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