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Glow Boutique is a stylish women’s consignment clothing store, carrying a large selection of new and pre-loved, brand name, trendy pieces. You can find an array of fashion treasures from vintage to modern, footwear and accessories. Glow Boutique will have you dressed to impress.

“We believe that clothing should be recycled. At Glow Boutique, we want to provide you with a great shopping experience where you can come and find pieces that match your personal style without breaking the bank,” says Trina Meeks.

Meet Jen Laderoute & Trina Meeks

Meet Jen Laderoute & Trina Meeks

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them" -Marc Jacobs

Trina Meeks and Jen Laderoute have had a passion for fashion their whole lives. Being mindful of the environment and the wasteful industry that fashion has become, the sister-in-law duo began collecting, re-inventing, and re-purposing eclectic pieces of clothing to fill their wardrobes. They both believe that clothing should have meaning and a purpose.

Jen and Trina have spent their lives in the Northwest, fostering a deep appreciation and respect for nature. Whenever possible, they enjoy escaping to the outdoors with their friends and families. Small town Terrace is surrounded by a serene beauty, wild and lush with adventures at every turn. It's not just the rugged landscape that captivated Jen and Trina. Jen tells us that, “Terrace has great community spirit, everyone knows each other and even if they don’t they will still smile and wave at you.”

Together the ladies teamed up, merging their entrepreneurial spirit and sense of style, creating a consignment business originally based out of a basement suite. Fondly known as Glow Boutique, the business has taken off immensely, transforming from a former, quaint pop-up shop into a full-fledged fashion establishment.

Within less than four months Trina and Jen built their business, making their dreams a reality. Trina was a finalist in the Thrive North Business Challenge 2017. They’ve always had their sights set on becoming entrepreneurs. “We love the freedom of making our own decisions, being our own bosses and most of all calling this place our own. We did this,” exclaims Jen.

4641 Lazelle Ave
Terrace, BC V8G 1S8


Monday to Saturday
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed Sundays