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Daybreak Farms is northwestern BC’s premier egg producer, supplying eggs to major supermarkets, independent grocers and restaurants in communities throughout the region as well as directly from the farm to local customers. Daybreak Farms’ 39,000 laying hens produce over 36,000 eggs each day. Unlike most other BC egg producers, Daybreak Farms eggs aren’t sent to a secondary grading facility but are graded right on site, ensuring peak farm-to-table freshness and superior quality control. All feed is natural, with no added antibiotics and is milled on-site. Trained staff monitor the hens and laying facilities on a daily basis. Daybreak Farms’ rigorous attention to detail ensures a consistent, high-quality product. Daybreak Farms produces white, brown, Omega-3 and free run eggs. Daybreak Farms is actively involved in the community of Terrace, hosting regular family events and supporting local charities and organizations.

Daybreak Farms is certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute.

Meet Peter Versteege, Operations Manager

Meet Peter Versteege, Operations Manager

Peter Versteege was a veteran entrepreneur with a professional background in IT, software development and management consultation when he got his first taste of egg farming. The farm was owned by a long-time friend who invited Peter along for a visit to the farm one day. Little did he know that ride-along would eventually culminate in a job offer. As it turned out, Peter found himself very intrigued by the egg-production process. He also realized there were some improvements, including technological ones, that could significantly improve business. So when his friend asked him to manage the farm, Peter said yes.

That was 2010. While he was a seasoned business man, he had to learn about egg farming. Fortunately, the farm had a wonderful, knowledgeable and deeply-committed staff who helped mentor him. Some of those staff members have been around for years and are devoted to the animals they care for, and Peter is continually grateful for their commitment. One of the first matters of business when Peter came on staff was to design and implement a brand new system of food safety and quality management. It meant intense study, planning and renovations, but was well worth it according to Peter. The farm is now certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute, which provides customers with quality and safety assurance in their egg products.

One of the things that appealed to Peter about working at Daybreak Farms was how community-minded it is. The farm regularly sponsors local events, like the Easter and Halloween events at Heritage Park. Peter and his wife are hands-on in the planning and execution of those events, and it is part of Terrace living that they both thoroughly enjoy. Peter has found Terrace residents to be among the most generous he's ever met, in fact, and he is proud to count himself among such an amazing community of people.

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8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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