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Located a ‘stone’s-throw’ from the mighty Skeena River, Roderick Brown creates memorable one-of-a-kind wooden sculptures reminiscent of the wild, north coast, at his Cohowood Studio. Playing muse in these creations are the creatures of the rivers, lakes and forest of this area. Roderick Brown draws on the natural form and a collective cultural influence to create these uniquely styled creations. Primarily sculpted in reclaimed western red cedar and spruce, these pieces bring the North to any space. Roderick Brown’s sculptures are currently available through his home studio and through galleries in western BC and the US, including Mountainside Gallery, Terrace, BC; Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, Whistler, BC; Pioneer Log Homes, Williams Lake, BC; Turnigan Gifts and Gallery in Anchorage, AK; and Island Home and Garden, Gabriola Island, BC.

Meet Roderick Brown

Meet Roderick Brown

Growing up with a family tradition of woodworking, Roderick draws on the early lessons to bring his wooden sculptures to life. Nothing seemed more natural than for him to become an artist specializing in working with wood. His love to draw pulled him towards more figurative sculptural work in wood. Roderick uses local reclaimed wood for a majority of his work. “When someone takes home a sculpture, I would like for them to feel like they are taking a piece of this area with them, connecting them to this place and hopefully, reminding them of a memorable experience or a story from here.”

Roderick is originally from Ontario where he grew up around the lakes and forests of central Ontario. He’s always revelled in open spaces and his last few years have opened he and his family’s eyes to the inspiring magic of the some of the great wild places, here in Northern British Columbia.

1733 Smittys Place Rd
Terrace, BC V8G 0A8


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