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Coaching with Micky empowers you to live a life of passion, joy and freedom. Personal life coach Micky McCulley helps you get to that place by creating space for you to see your greatness and life purpose and to accomplish previously unattainable goals that are in line with your values. Micky will help you identify those things that are important in your life, shed light on what is holding you back and help you get past those barriers so you can access the power and joy available in your life. Whether you are looking to transform your relationships, career, financial reality or your health and well-being, Coaching with Micky will support you in creating the life you choose from a deeper and more authentic place within yourself.

Micky offers a complimentary session so you can experience what the coaching relationship can do for you. Ultimately, those who choose to work with Micky are making an investment in themselves and are committed to making meaningful shifts in their lives.

Meet Micky McCulley, ACC

Meet Micky McCulley, ACC

Micky McCulley has lived in Terrace since 1993 and is continually inspired by the people, outdoor activities and incredible beauty of this place. In 2012 she entered the year-long coach training program with Accomplishment Coaching in Seattle WA. Micky is a member of the International Coaching Federation and has also achieved her designation as an Associate Certified Coach. Micky is also a public practice accountant and Coach with MNP in Terrace.

Micky loves to hike and walk in this amazing part of the world. Being in nature inspires her, connects her with something greater and brings her clarity and joy. Her creative self is expressed in her hand painted jewellery and pottery. She sells her art jewellery and pottery locally at craft fairs and online at her Face Book and Etsy stores - MickysEssence. Micky is a member of the Terrace Art Gallery and Clay Artists of Terrace.


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