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CMP Manufacturing is Northwest British Columbia’s premiere wood manufacturer. Their efficient and modern manufacturing shop can do it all, from fine cabinetry to parts manufacturing. CMP Manufacturing utilizes computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining and can accurately produce complex parts within minutes and hours, not the days or weeks of traditional machining and manual labouring.

Not only do clients save time with CMP Manufacturing’s CNC cutting , they also reduce further manufacturing costs because the staff of CMP are mindful of their raw material usage and have advanced waste reduction practices. Their efficient cutting system and state of the art technology are CARB Phase 2 compliant and eco-friendly, minimising waste and optimising wood use. Clients of CMP Manufacturing can be assured they only utilize LEED certified building materials, whether plywood or melamine.

CMP Manufacturing is proud to manufacturer Luxan Fine Cabinetry. Their manufacturing shop can successfully provide cabinets for large scale commercial orders and are happy to fill smaller orders for residential projects too. CMP Manufacturing offers cutting, routing and mill work services and is a one stop shop for all your component manufacturing needs.

Meet Chase & Penny Thomson and Mike & Patty Brousseau

Meet Chase & Penny Thomson and Mike & Patty Brousseau

Chase and Penny Thomson call Terrace home and Penny's parents, Mike and Patty Brousseau have happily called Terrace home for many years as well. The community has everything you could ever need and is ideally located in the mountains and along the Skeena River. There are many opportunities for outdoor recreation and Chase enjoys fishing, exploring in the mountains and kayaking. The Brousseau family has some committed kayakers and Chase mentions the Kalum River for fantastic river kayaking.

Iaian MacCormac is the Chief Innovations Officer at CMP Manufacturing and he is also from Terrace. Iaian enjoys the Skeena River and Shames Mountain. He recommends people check out the Howe Creek trails located in the heart of Terrace with a genuine peaceful feel.

Chase's passion is woodworking and business is what he has always wanted to do. When the opportunity came up to purchase the tools of a retiring cabinet maker, Chase partnered with his wife and her parents to go into the wood manufacturing business with CMP Manufacturing. "I've always wanted to start a cabinet shop and I finally started a shop and I'm doing what I love," said Chase.

The Thomsons and the Brousseaus love doing business in Terrace because it's where they're from and they are happy to be building products for people they know. Chase says the heart of CMP Manufacturing is creating fine products while focusing on providing jobs for people. "We are creating stable work for locals," he said. CMP Manufacturing is committed to training their team. "We want to give back to Terrace," said Chase, "by training our employees and by building a stable future for them."

The Thomsons and the Brousseaus are focused on building a business that will slowly and steadily shift the cyclical nature of their home community by providing training, employment and a solid economic base that helps to ensure a stable economic environment. "Our business has the potential to be a different type of industry for Terrace with steady and stable work," said Chase, "our heart is in this business." The founders of CMP Manufacturing want to give back to their hometown and are dedicated to training employees, providing jobs locally and are committed to making Terrace an even better place to live.

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