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Start your journey at Asatiani: Inspired Travel. Whatever inspires you, Asatiani: Inspired Travel can help you realized your travel dreams, offering guided, authentic, active travel experiences. Your experienced, knowledgeable agent will help you arrange every detail, including flights, accommodations and activities. Asatiani: Inspired Travel is proactively involved in helping you plan every aspect of your trip, with plenty of support before, during and after your trip. Asatiani: Inspired Travel specializes in yoga retreats in destinations around the globe. These retreats are designed to inspire and awaken the senses and include opportunities not just for yoga and meditation but also for cultural interaction and education. Retreats also include optional Reiki treatments with Patricia as she has recently completed her Reiki Master training.

Asatiani: Inspired Travel is a member of Terrace Women in Business.

Meet Patricia Gough

Meet Patricia Gough

Patricia Gough was born and raised in Terrace and then went on to raise her own family here. "This is where my roots are," she says. Her connections to the community run deep. She knows just about everyone in town, many from her former job in a grocery store where she worked for 28 years. "I love being able to walk down streets and recall memories with friends and family members that span decades," Patricia adds.

Patricia has always enjoyed customer service. Working with people inspires and energizes her in her work. So when she began contemplating a career change, she knew that whatever she did she wanted to work closely with people. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family with parents who were owners of their own business, Patricia felt a natural pull to business ownership herself. Her passion for travel lent itself to a career in helping others realize their travel dreams, and in 2014 she started Asatiani: Inspired Travel.

Patricia loves the creative aspect of being an entrepreneur as well as sending people to destinations around the world. "I get to create unique, authentic travel experiences for people and provide them with an opportunity to not only learn about other places and cultures but to learn about themselves and their place in the world as well," she says. She adds that it is important for people to take time out of their busy lives, focus on themselves, have fun and see other parts of the world. It's a wonderful way to gain a new perspective on life and culture, as well as to reconnect and recharge. As a way of giving back, Patricia invests in the countries that she helps to send groups to, either by donating to a cause or by doing a service project in that country.

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