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Antiques, Artisans and Oddities is an eclectic shop situated in one of Terrace’s finest pioneer homes built in 1939. Her store is conveniently located beside Terrace’s George Little Park – the site of Terrace’s active summer Farmers Markets.

Antiques, Artisans and Oddities offers a unique shopping experience as customers step back in time and wander through the historic house, from room to room, to enjoy the treasures and ultimately find the perfect item for their home or garden. From the finest antique pieces to modern upcycled shabby-chic, all items in the store are one of kind. “I have local artisans, a designer and an antique guru who share this amazing space,” explained Debbie,” you will find local pottery, raku, quilting, paintings, jewellery, chainsaw carvings, linens, pillows – it is an ever-changing environment.” Customers can return often and see a new assortment of beautiful items and art pieces.

Antiques, Artisans and Oddities is the Pacific Northwest retailer of Country Chic Paints and sells everything you need to do your own creations.

Meet Debbie Letawski & Artisans

Meet Debbie Letawski & Artisans

Debbie Letawski started Antiques, Artisans and Oddities in 2015 and loves being an entrepreneur. In 2016, Artisans and Oddities moved to its location in the historic 1930 house. Debbie specializes in antiques and Antiques, Artisans and Oddities also showcases and sells the work of ten other other local artists in her space.

Debbie enjoys operating an eclectic gift and home décor shop because it makes a positive difference locally. Doing business in a small town means you become part of "the heartbeat of the community," leaving Debbie feeling rewarded by her role in supporting local artists, upcycling, meeting new people and connecting with both local customers as well as travelling clients.

Debbie feels that, "our past paves the way of our future, it must not be forgotten." Her store, in one of Terrace's heritage homes, offers more than a shopping experience. Customers are able to connect directly with the community's past. "I feel overwhelmed that I get to share that history and these antiques with the community and tourists that visit," explained Debbie.

Debbie loves Terrace's vibrant culture, gorgeous scenery and the friendly residents. She supports and appreciates the local arts scene and actively works with many local artists by providing a space in her store for art to be featured and sold. Artists are often on-site and the customers appreciate connecting directly with the various talented artists as they browse the store.

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