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Wooden Things combines the nostalgic art of wooden toy-making with modern design to create beautiful wooden toys. The master and skill of artist Sieger Duursma will remind you of toymakers of yesteryear, so much so that you might think you’ve stepped back a few centuries. That is, until you realize that you’re looking at designs like logging trucks, graders, car carriers and transport trucks. Adults will appreciate the astounding workmanship of Sieger Duursma as well as knowing that every toy is made from cast-off wood that would otherwise be destined for the wood chipper. Children will simply love playing with these amazing Wooden Things. Wooden things products are available at the Bulkley Valley Farmer’s Market, local craft fairs and directly from the artist.

Meet Sieger & Nancy Duursma

Meet Sieger & Nancy Duursma

Sieger Duursma has been carving and creating things out of wood for decades just for love of the craft. Since 1996 he has spent much of his spare time on carving wooden toys and selling them. He does so for a couple of reasons: first, he loves putting smiles on the faces of children. Secondly, he hates to see precious wood being wasted, so all of his wooden toys are made out of wood that has been cast-off or re-purposed. It gives him and his wife, Nancy, a good feeling to be able to put old wood to good use.

The Duursmas have lived in Telkwa for years and feel very connected to the community. One of the things they appreciate most about life in Telkwa is the fact that they know most of their customers personally. Besides the wonderful people who make up the community, the Duursmas chose Telkwa for its vast natural beauty and the laid-back lifestyle that it offers. “It is a friendly, safe atmosphere,” says Sieger.

The Duursmas spend as much time as they can outdoors. They are fond of gardening, and that’s where you’re likely to find them during the summer months, at least when Sieger is not in his work studio. When the weather isn’t conducive to gardening, they like to sit back and read a good book.

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