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Telkwa Strength and Fitness gives you personalized fitness on demand. Certified Fitness Trainer Julie Saunders offers expert instruction and support, guiding you through a range of exercises designed to increase strength, improve functional fitness, build muscle and improve flexibility, with a strong emphasis on proper form and correct technique to reduce injury risk and improve overall results. Client-specific programs can be developed to ensure you meet your unique fitness goals. One-on-one and small group training is available.

Julie Saunders is a member of the National Council on Strength and Fitness.

Meet Julie Saunders

Meet Julie Saunders

Julie Saunders wouldn't live anywhere but Telkwa, thanks to its abundant natural scenery and all of the wonderful people who live here. Julie, who had a long-held dream of working for herself, wanted a career that would provide her with stability and security and allow her to live and work in Telkwa.

Julie is an active person with a passion for fitness, so a fitness-based business seemed like a natural choice, especially since there was a need for fitness businesses in Telkwa. So she launched her business in 2012 and has been helping locals get fit and feel better about themselves ever since. "The changes I have seen in people, both physical and mental make me really proud," says Julie.

Julie puts a lot of time and effort into her business, but when she isn't working (or working out) she enjoys doing a variety of outdoor activities. She likes to go snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking or hiking or spend time in her garden. She also plays hockey, swims and cooks for fun.

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