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Sunny Hill Woodwork and Construction believes that building with wood is an art as well as a science. Carpenter Leonhard Zach puts care and thoughtful design into every wood project, from small furniture pieces to entire kitchens. Sunny Hill Woodwork and Construction is also passionate about the environment and nature and uses natural finishing products in an effort to combine beauty and sustainability in every project. Sunny Hill Woodwork and Construction also offers professional Bobcat services, including excavating, landscaping, snow removal and digging.

Meet Leonhard & Josefine Zach

Meet Leonhard & Josefine Zach

Leonhard Zach was a master of pipe organ building and fine woodworker in his native country of Germany before he and wife Josefine immigrated to Canada shortly after the new millennium. Since there aren't many pipe organs in Canada, Leonhard, who has a talent for building just about anything, became a carpenter and started Sunny Hill Woodwork and Construction. Leonhard is well known around Telkwa for his talent with wood, building all kinds of things. While Leonhard has a talent for building with wood, his favourite jobs are those that involve restoring antique woodwork. Leonhard and Josefine are passionate about the environment and they incorporate sustainable building practices and green, natural finishing products into Leonhard's projects.

Leonhard and Josefine deeply appreciate the natural environment and beautiful scenery in Telkwa, noting that spaces like these are disappearing in Germany. They love small town living and appreciate being able to know their neighbours and to personalize what they build for their customers. They also enjoy the fact that Telkwa is such a diverse community with an artsy culture.

Owning and operating a small business requires a great deal of work, but Leonhard and Josefine enjoy the challenge. They believe that the future for small business in Telkwa is positive, noting that it is a community's small businesses that will sustain it and keep the economy viable. When the Zachs are not busy working, they love to be outdoors and especially relish gardening and caring for the animals on their hobby farm. They also like to go camping in the summer.

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