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Bite into a Rudolph’s Pure Sausage of any variety and you’ll immediately taste the difference that German quality makes. Master sausage maker Holger Rudolph makes his exclusive, secret-recipe sausages from scratch using fresh ingredients and the best meats. All of Rudolph’s Pure Sausages are made without MSG, gluten and lactose. Stop in and try some of Rudolph’s Pure Sausage and meat products in several varieties in both Canadian and European styles. Rudolph’s Pure Sausage offers both retail and wholesale pricing on its sausage products.

Meet Holger & Karin Rudolph

Meet Holger & Karin Rudolph

Some of the best sausages and meats in Canada come out of Telkwa, thanks to the care and attention of sausage-maker Holger Rudolph. He has a master's degree in sausage making from Germany, the sausage capital of the world, and he takes his product very seriously. In fact, his company and his meats have become well-known throughout northern BC for their premium quality and taste.

Holger and his wife, Karin, moved to Telkwa in 2007. Holger had already spent years in farming and the meat industry. He grew up on a pig farm, and after high school he went to school, studying meat-cutting and sausage making and, later, business. After finishing his schooling he returned to the family farm and opened up his first butcher and sausage-making business.

An economic slump in Germany early in the millennium along with changes in his local market lead Holger to re-evaluate his future, and he and wife Karin made the bold decision to move to Canada, where they eventually settled in Telkwa. They chose it specifically as a place to live and work because of its small town atmosphere. "It's very quiet here," says Holger, "not like a busy big city!" Holger and Karin appreciate the quiet life and the casual pace in Telkwa, but even more than the lifestyle, they love the people who live here, noting that it is easy to get to know people in Telkwa. It makes doing business much more personal, Holger says. "When people come in to the store, you already know them." Holger's business in Canada got its start in local farmers' markets, and his product was so well-received that it wasn't long before he opened up his own factory.

Holger and Karin enjoy being able to work for themselves, even though it's always a lot of work, but which just makes it more rewarding. They're proud of how the business has grown over the years and of the quality that they put into every single sausage they make.

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