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Robin Creek Dairy and Farm was established in 1987 and produced milk for the local dairy for many years. They took a break from dairy for a few years which allowed for them to expand into beef production and are proud to have been doing both side by side for the last five years. The farm raises cattle commercially and sells both grass fed and grain finished natural beef products for public sale. The farm also produces hay and seasonal vegetables for sale. Robin Creek Dairy and Farm is also available for custom field work, including hay and manure spreading. Robin Creek Dairy and Farm is a family-owned-and-operated business with emphasis on natural food production and eco-sustainability.

Robin Creek Dairy and Farm is a member of the Bulkley Valley Cattlemen’s Association and the Bulkley Valley Dairyman’s Association.

Meet Janik & Lindsay Heer

Meet Janik & Lindsay Heer

The movement toward sustainable eating and a greater awareness of the benefits of eating foods produced close to home has made farming a much more joyous and viable lifestyle than it once was, says Lindsay Heer. In fact, Lindsay and her husband Janik, who live on and work the family-owned farm, love the farm life. Janik and Lindsay are grateful that their children are able to experience life on a farm. Although they are young, the children like being around the animals and helping out with farm chores like feeding time, and their oldest child loves riding on the tractor with Dad.

Janik's parents, Matthias and Pia Heer originally started the farm in 1987, and today Janik and Lindsay help Pia run it. They are proud to carry on the family tradition of farming. Farming is a 24/7 job, and when you farm, your work and your life are intertwined. When they manage to get time off they like to spend time doing family activities or volunteering within the community.

Telkwa, says Lindsay, is a laid back community where life is never rushed, the scenery is spectacular and the people are friendly and supportive. They appreciate that farming in Telkwa provides the family not just with a way to make a living, but with a high-quality of life as well.

17426 Robin Creek Rd
Telkwa, BC V0J 2X2


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