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National Emergency Safety Services (NESS) is committed to providing specialized safety services throughout Canada. NESS works with businesses, corporations, organizations and employers to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment. NESS provides leadership and solutions for illness and injury prevention, safety and health training, WCB training, return to work programs, specialized work assessments, incident investigation, root cause analysis and creation of corrective action. NESS also provides emergency, on-demand IT services for emergency and crisis management. National Emergency Safety Services cares about the safety and health of its clients and the companies and managers that it works with and strives to provide ethical, cost-effective services and solutions that meet the needs and the budgets of its clients.

The National Emergency Safety Services Corp is a member of the Smithers Chamber of Commerce and the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

Meet Jeremie Beaudoin

Meet Jeremie Beaudoin

Jeremie Beaudoin was born with an entrepreneurial spirit, which he began exercising at a very young age when he started his own grass-cutting business. "I was always proactive and self-driven," he states, and that drive has never left him. Being his own boss wasn't just a dream for Jeremie but a given, so starting National Emergency Safety Services Corp. in 2012 was the culmination of years of education, study and determination.

Jeremie rules his business life by several principles. One is making decisions and then accepting the results. Another is thinking globally while acting (and living) locally, and he appreciates the ability to live in and be connected with a small town while reaching a national and international market. Yet another business principle Jeremie embraces is being able to adapt on short notice to changes and demands in the marketplace, noting that this ability "will not be a requirement but a cornerstone to any future businesses." And key to doing business in a small town like Telkwa, he adds, means a willingness to help out your neighbours and to work together instead of competing.

Jeremie spends a lot of time outdoors, both in his work and his recreational life. He especially enjoys the extreme side of outdoor adventure, from going down river to up a mountain and everywhere in between. He is a member of the Alpine Club of Canada, the Canadian Avalanche Association and the Telkwa Volunteer Fire Department.

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