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Kermode Bobcat has been providing reliable bobcat services to the Telkwa area for years, and new owner Mark Drydyk is proud to carry on the company’s name in the community. Mark takes pride in being involved in every single job that Kermode Bobcat does, something that customers appreciate as a guarantee of quality and accuracy. Kermode Bobcat provides a wide range of services, including excavating, snow removal, cattle fencing, home and garden fencing, landscaping, brush cutting, street sweeping, fence post pounding, augering, lawn mowing and yard maintenance.

Meet Mark & Anais Drydyk

Meet Mark & Anais Drydyk

Mark Drydyk grew up in the Okanagan, but fell in love with Telkwa and the Bulkley Valley on his first visit. An avid outdoors man, Mark has always lived for hunting, fishing, camping and hiking, so living in Telkwa is a bit of a dream come true for him and his wife, Anais. But Mark also admits that there is much more to Telkwa than its myriad of outdoor and back country recreational opportunities. Mark and Anais say that Telkwa is also a community full of friendly, caring people who are quick to say hi when they see you on the street and to lend a hand when someone is in need.

Mark hasn't always been an entrepreneur, but always thought he'd like to one day own his own business. After moving to Telkwa, Mark worked for other people, but was on the lookout for the ideal opportunity when he learned that Kermode Bobcat was for sale. He liked the idea of doing work that was meaningful and being able to make his own decisions, so he bought the business in 2012 and now he and Anais both love the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Mark notes that business has picked up since he first bought it, and feels that the future for small business in Telkwa is bright. "There is always room for growth," says Mark, "as long as businesses do quality work and strive to meet the customer's needs." Mark takes pride in every single job he does, whether it's removing snow, excavating or doing lawn and garden work. Mark does all the heavy work and Anais takes care of the paperwork and billing side of the operation.

PO Box 582 1675 Riverside Rd
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Monday to Saturday
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