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Happy Pig Organic Farm knows that happy Berkshire pigs have the tastiest, most nutritious and healthiest meat. In addition to pigs, the Happy Pig Organic Farm also pasture raises cows, chickens and turkeys. No chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides or pharmaceuticals are used in the raising of the farm’s animals, crops, forage or the grains which comprise a portion of the pigs diet. Because the farm is certified organic its animals are hormone and antibiotic-free. The result is delicious, pure, natural-tasting, well marbled pork, beef, turkey, chicken and eggs grown sustainably and humanely.

Meet Marlene Thimer

Meet Marlene Thimer

With no other certified organic livestock farms West of Prince George, Marlene Thimer knew that there was a niche to fill in the market when she started the Happy Pig Organic Farm in 2008. But first and foremost it was a desire to have more control over the kinds of foods that her family had access to that motivated her to begin organic farming. They began with pigs and broiler chickens and later added laying hens, beef, turkeys, and alpacas. All of the farm’s animals are housed in spacious mobile, well-lit structures and are free to roam the pasture year round. Marlene, who serves on the board of the Bulkley Valley Farmers Market, also hopes to add an organic market garden in the near future and to be able to offer produce for sale at the market.

One of the things that Marlene most appreciates about farming and doing business in a small town like Telkwa is being able to know her customers personally. She feels that this kind of face-to-face interaction is an important part of farming as there is a growing public awareness of the importance of knowing where one’s food comes from and how it is produced.

Marlene and her family enjoy the community for its wonderful citizens and for all that it has to offer. “Recreational opportunities abound and we appreciate that Telkwa is being progressive in its green developments such as their district heating system” says Marlene. “We love being a part of the community and offering our sustainably produced foods to others.”

21641 Walcott Rd
Telkwa, BC V0J 2X2


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