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Round out your wellness experience with a barrel sauna rental from Glacier Sauna, serving the Bulkley Valley! Glacier Sauna offers an authentic relaxation and wellness experience with their hand crafted cedar barrel sauna. The Sauna is heated (lämpöä) using a Finnish Harvia wood stove for a truly relaxing and rejuvenating environment. Sauna stones are supplied on the stove and are ready to create the traditional steam (löyly) experience. The 12 foot sauna includes a 4 foot changeroom for privacy, lounging, sipping a cool drink or cooling off between sessions in the hot room!  

With a variety of packages and price points, Glacier Sauna has made a unique and relaxing experience affordable and the perfect addition to your next staycation or vacation in the area. 

The cedar barrel sauna is delivered to your destination, complete with wood, fire starter, fire safety and ladle, everything you need to enjoy and relax! 

Book with Glacier Sauna and feel your stress and worries melt away!

Meet Hans Erasmus

Meet Hans Erasmus

Owner Hans Erasmus loves saunas, their health benefits and the lifestyle surrounding them. He wanted to help others connect with ultimate relaxation and so Glacier Sauna sprang to life!
Hans loves that he created something for others to enjoy and really likes connecting with his clients and people he meets through his work!
When he isn’t delivering his sauna to clients, Hans loves spending time with his young family in the beautiful outdoors that the area has to offer.


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