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The Bulkley Valley Kinsmen Club has been an active and integral part of the community of Telkwa for decades. The club’s mission is to provide wholesome, community-oriented opportunities for Telkwa and area residents to socialize and network and to undertake projects that improve the community as a whole. One of the ways that the Bulkley Valley Kinsmen Club has strived to make Telkwa a better place to live is through planning and hosting high quality entertainment and events. The annual Telkwa Barbecue is one of its oldest and largest annual community events in Telkwa. It also hosts various concerts and musicians throughout the year.

Meet Bulkley Valley Kinsmen

Meet Bulkley Valley Kinsmen

The Bulkley Valley Kinsmen may be most well known in the Telkwa region for hosting the annual Telkwa BBQ, but it's focus is much greater than on simply entertaining. The Bulkley Valley Kinsmen Club's mission is to make its community a better place to live by helping to foster relationships between citizens, businesses and other community groups. The club is comprised of people who live in Telkwa and have a personal stake in the quality of life here. Members meet regularly to socialize, network and plan events that are designed to improve the quality of life for all residents of Telkwa and the region. The Telkwa BBQ is just one of its many annual events, which includes a community-wide barbecue supper, demolition derby and music concert. The club also hosts other musical concerts and events throughout the year.

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