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Bulkley Income Tax understands that doing income taxes can be a confusing and frustrating. Bulkley Income Tax understands the intricacies of doing business in Telkwa and can help both local businesses and private individuals navigate the process of filling out income taxes and many other tax and income-related forms and documents. Not only does it provide clients with skilled and thorough income tax and document preparation, Bulkley Income Tax will also help clients get back every dollar that is due to them, often finding deductions that they didn’t know they were entitled to. Because every dollar matters, Bulkley Income Tax offers reasonable rates, helpful support and insightful tax advice so that your next income tax return will be even more efficient. Bulkley Income Tax provides personal income tax T1 returns, business proprietors or partners returns, farming and fishing returns, GST returns/whether to register, rental properties returns, student income tax and tuition transfer to parents, disabilities and medical expenses, principal residence/capital gains, child care, fitness and arts tax credits, objections and appeals, final returns T1 and testamentary trust return T3 and application forms and will attempt US 1040, 1040NR, FBAR, etc.

Bulkley Income Tax is a member of the Efile Association of Canada and the Association of Professional Accounting and Tax Consultants Inc.

Meet Virginia Hoover

Meet Virginia Hoover

For Virginia Hoover, the advantages of living and doing business in a small rural town like Telkwa are numerous. Most of her clients come to her through word-of-mouth referrals. Establishing trust and rapport with clients is a more enriching process in a smaller community. Plus, she feels equipped to understand situations that are unique to Telkwa residents and business owners and is able to offer much more insightful, experienced information and advice to her clients.

Daily life in general is also more enriching in a small town like Telkwa, notes Virginia. Just running out for milk often means bumping into a client. Stores are smaller and close together, making it easy to get shopping chores done quickly. Do talk to Virginia when you see her out and about in the community because, as she says, it makes her kilometres deductible.

Owning her own business has meant that she has also been able to keep a flexible schedule. This allowed her to be available when her kids needed her. It even allows for the occasional quick trip to the ski hill. Virginia has a knack for numbers and is happy to be able to help clients get through what might otherwise be a confounding and mind boggling process for many people. It always makes her day when she is able to find deductions that clients didn't know they were entitled to and help them get bigger refunds.

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