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Art and Soul Pottery marries art and functionality and has gained local artisan Franziska Cody a reputation in both the art community and the community-at-large. Franziska’s work is meant not just to be seen but also to be used, so she designs and produces practical items like dishware, platters, teapots, mugs and vases. Art and Soul Pottery also carries a variety of other artwork and hand-crafted items, all designed and made by local and BC artisans.

Art and Soul Pottery isn’t just a retail shop. It’s also a working pottery studio. Guests are invited to stop in and watch as a piece is being created from start to finish.

Meet Franziska Cody

Meet Franziska Cody

Franziska Cody has always been an artist, but only took up pottery-making in 2006 after moving from Germany to Canada with her Canadian-born husband. She was unable to work while she waited for her permanent residency card, so she decided to spend her time doing what she loved: art. Normally a painter, she wanted to try her hand at something new and took up pottery and was immediately hooked on the art form. She began a creative streak and soon had so many pieces that she started selling them, opening her own show, Art and Soul Gallery in 2009. Today she works full-time at her pottery and single-handedly runs the shop three days each week.

Franziska's husband grew up in the Telkwa area, and she quickly came to love the town herself. "I have lived in big cities," says Franziska, "and in cities you are always anonymous. Here you are known and it's easy to know others." She appreciates the family feel and sense of belonging in the Telkwa community, adding that it makes shopping more personal because you know who you're buying from and what you're supporting when you do.

Franziska also appreciates the fact that Telkwa is a safe community for raising a family. She and her husband and children are outdoors-lovers. They make it a point to regularly get outside and have fun. They especially enjoy hiking, canoeing and gardening. They also like to travel when they're able.

1269 Hwy 16
Telkwa, BC V0J 2X0


Thursday to Saturday
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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