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Puddle Produce Farm is a 1.5 acre vegetable and microgreen farm located in the historic Soda Creek townsite region, 40kms north of Williams Lake. Operating with a philosophy of sustainability, the farm is obtaining organic certification in 2020, and grows all of its vegetables without a tractor, and mostly by hand. This allows the farm to grow a lot of produce in a small space, and with a low carbon footprint. Puddle Produce Farm grows approximately 30 or more varieties of vegetables, including two varieties of salad mix all season long, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, and many others. Puddle Produce Farm operates a CSA (weekly box) program, and you can also find them at every Williams Lake Farmers’ Market on Fridays (9-2pm) and Tuesdays (3-7pm) from May to October.

Meet Brianna van de Wijngaard

Meet Brianna van de Wijngaard

Here in Williams Lake, says Brianna van de Wijngaard, "people's support is not limited to your product. Residents care about their community and appreciate those who work for it. They will help you in many more ways than simply through the power of their purchase." It makes doing business here deeply meaningful. It also makes life richer, in and out of work. "Every day brings a great conversation with someone you know and love. It is a great feeling to walk down the street and smile when you see so many familiar faces. You don't have to make time for friends: they are around you all the time!"
Brianna feels very fortunate that her passion is also her profession. She's working at changing the stereotype of the "impoverished farmer" in a modern context. She strives to show people that food can be grown in a responsible, sustainable manner and that the farmers who grow the food can be rewarded for their efforts and their conscientiousness. Plus, she gets to work for herself. "I love the sense of responsibility and ownership in shaping your own future."
Brianna loves to be outdoors, whether she is working in her garden or enjoying some leisure time. "The Williams Lake area has some of the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen, and I've barely scratched the surface. I love to explore the region, and just soak it in." She also enjoys cooking, doing crafts, spending time with friends "or simply having a good glass of wine and a laugh."

Soda Creek-MacAlister Rd
Williams Lake, BC V2G 1Z2


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