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Get in touch with your inner child – Yoga Cowgirl Co. is a wellness company that facilitates dynamic retreats and workshops through an innovative fusion of yoga, outdoor adventure, relaxation, therapeutic activities, tools and nutrition.

Discover multi-day retreats for the budding and avid cowgirls, which includes yoga, trail-riding, exquisite cuisine, a horsemanship workshop and wrangling skills. For the more artistic yoga-lovers, try your hand at a one-day yoga, hiking and painting retreat that includes lunch and a chance to unleash the creative juices within. New themes pop up regularly, so check their website for more information on upcoming events.

Yoga Cowgirl Co. also offers unforgettable workshops to enhance your team’s cohesiveness and motivation for future success such as the “Answer the Call” wellness weekend for First Responders and Front Line Workers. Each program is unique to the client’s vision and incorporates a myriad of yoga elements, health and wellness techniques, along with fun team building activities.

Focus on your self-care with Yoga Cowgirl Co. – With programs that are geared to increase energy levels while simultaneously slowing down the noise of our busy world, they will take care of all the details so you can unwind wholeheartedly. Reserve your spot today!

Meet Naomi Nyuli

Meet Naomi Nyuli

Coming from the corporate world of technology and marketing in Toronto, Naomi Nyuli was well aware of the tedious aches, pains and mental burnout experienced by office workers. She soon discovered the physical and mental benefits of yoga, fueling a newfound passion for the ancient practice.

In 2004, Naomi received her 200 Hour Teacher Training certificate, and a few years later completed numerous trips to India to study Ashtanga, Pranayama and Philosophy. Now with a life long love of yoga instilled in her heart, the professional Yogi felt compelled to follow her dream of life in the rugged mountains and serene wilderness of Northern BC.

Settling upon Terrace, Naomi contracted for non-profits, businesses, regional government and created numerous successful yoga businesses. But it was a Wilderness Guiding and Wrangling program in Smithers that would mold her future forever. Since 2010, Naomi has thrived in her new element, proving her skills in the unchartered backcountry, working as a wrangler in remote wilderness camps, and interacting with a slew of characters from all over the world.

With countless monumental experiences under her belt, the most spectacular was meeting her beloved life partner in the process and moving to Smithers to build a ranch and retreat. Life is an ever-evolving adventure, and for Naomi, following her heart has been the key to happiness.

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