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Keep your special event rocking through the night with local 7-piece dance band, Whisky Rose! No one can resist their toe-tapping, knee-slapping beats. Featuring a multitude of popular genres including, jazz, pop, do-wop, classic rock-and-roll and more, Whisky Rose throws down the best party in town!

Within the Bulkley Valley and area, this upbeat and lively band is geared up and ready to perform for your dancing or listening pleasure. They love covering all your favourite tunes and will play songs from the 1950’s through to current tracks. Whisky Rose has performed in coffeehouses, festivals, dances, musical entertainment at weddings and other special events.

Get in touch with Whisky Rose today, and they will help make your next big event a night to remember.

Meet Whisky Rose Band Members

Meet Whisky Rose Band Members

Whisky Rose has been performing for years now, but officially became an seven member band available for hire in 2018. It all started with Peter Ogryzlo on the piano and Elaine Edmison as the vocalist. Over the years Whisky Rose acquired additional band members including Cheryl Butler (vocals and guitar), George Stokes (bassist), Tim Sharp (drummer), Paul Glover (percussionist) and Nick Thomas (guitarist). The medley of talented musicians creates an out-of-this-world sound that people can’t help but dance to!

Bulkley Valley is home to some of the province’s most inspired and creative artists. Cheryl Butler has been singing in the area since 1965 and is well known in the music community. “It’s a very creative culture we have in the valley,” says Cheryl. “Everybody is so appreciative of those who promote artistic things like music and art.”

According to the Whisky Rose member, many of her bandmates are “true blue Smitherites.” As long time residents, the entire group is absolutely smitten with their beloved community. There’s such a homey feel about Smithers, and everyone is so down-to-earth. It’s also no secret that music has a significant hold on residents- a clear reason why recruiting talented individuals has been an easy feat for the band. “We all love music. We all LIVE for music,” says Cheryl.


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