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One of the first wonderful aromas to welcome you and see you off from the Smithers’ Airport is Ukrainian Food Owesome (UFO). This family-run café serves up deliciously authentic Ukrainian cuisine just like from the homeland. The ingredients are fresh, organic and harvested from local farmers wherever possible. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Ukrainian Food Owesome is a quick jaunt from town, and certainly worth the trip. They make everything from scratch, ensuring quality throughout every step of the cooking process. Making a choice will be a challenge, as everything is absolutely full of flavour. Select from your favourites; cabbage rolls, borscht, handmade perogies, pelmeni (meat perogies), sweet and savoury crepes, homemade garlic sausages and hotdogs, coffee, David’s Tea, and other assorted beverages.

Enjoy a meal within the quaint and cozy café, or take it out on the road. UFO offers catering services for community or private events, and they always deliver wonderful customer service.

Stop on by for an authentic taste of Ukraine at Ukrainian Food Owesome today!

Meet Pavlo Anoknin

Meet Pavlo Anoknin

Pavlo Anoknin came to Canada in 2011 with big dreams of a new adventure. He eventually settled in Smithers after falling in love with the area’s lifestyle. The hiking, skiing and endlessly beautiful scenery made it an easy decision. He now gets to share the beauty with his wife and their three young children; a perfect environment for raising a family in!

While trying to break into the numerous employment industries in town, Pavlo found his skill-set was against a lot of competition. In usual Pavlo style, he used his creativity, and put to good use his Ukrainian upbringing. He knew he had a niche talent in cooking, and one that no one else could replicate. He had spent many years helping his mother cook, working many kitchen jobs as a youth.

Starting up his own food establishment seemed like the right choice, and so far it has received a tremendous welcoming from patrons. Pavlo is ecstatic to be a part of the local business community in Smithers, he has already noticed how supportive everyone is with each other. He is an avid buy local enthusiast, purchasing as much as possible from his fellow small business owners. His goal is to provide Smithers, and the visitors from all over the world, with unique Ukrainian cuisine not readily found in the area.

#6421 - Airport Rd #1
Smithers, BC V0J 2N5


Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm