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At Tyhee Dental, Dr. Dan Kinkela, the hygienists, and the support staff are committed to providing high-quality dental care and promoting good oral hygiene and the pursuit of overall health and well-being for its clients in a safe and welcoming environment. Tyhee Dental is a family dental clinic treating all members from the youngest to the oldest. The clinic provides a full range of dental services, including check-ups and cleanings, plus specialized services like early intervention orthodontics, Myofunctional/BreatheWell programs, adult orthodontics, temporomandibular joint disorder appliances/therapy, obstructive sleep apnea/snoring appliances and implants for single tooth replacement or denture stabilization.

Meet Dr. Dan Kinkela

Meet Dr. Dan Kinkela

After Dr. Dan Kinkela graduated from dental school, he worked in a small dental practice in Hazelton, later moving on to work doing dental research and development. After years of working for others in big companies, Dan longed to return to the small town life and missed the kind of rapport he had been able to develop with patients in Hazelton. When he learned that Tyhee Dental was for sale in the mid-1990's, he bought the practice and officially began his career in Smithers in 1998.

Dan's decision to go back to the small town lifestyle has proved to be a good one. A lover of the outdoors, Smithers provides him with lots of opportunities to pursue his favourite hobbies and sports like fishing, hiking and canoeing. And here in Smithers, Dan feels he's really able to make a difference in people's lives by providing them with quality dental care. And for Dan, it's about much more than filling cavities. Dan loves promoting good oral health which, he adds, helps to contribute to overall health and physical well-being. Part of Dan's commitment to his patients includes educating them about proper oral hygiene. Dan also believes that people in Smithers shouldn't have to go to bigger cities to get specialized dental care and complex treatments, and so offers many more of these services than the average small community dental practice.

Dan is committed not just to educating his patients but also to educating himself. He regularly attends dental conferences and events to ensure he stays up-to-date on current practices and technologies in the field of dentistry. Likewise, his staff also keep abreast of advances in modern dentistry in order to provide the best care for the clinic's patients.

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