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Fresh, clean, pure water is as close to you as your front doorstep when you purchase from Tip of the Glacier Water Company. Tip of the Glacier’s water goes through a comprehensive purification process that removes chemicals, impurities, tastes and odours to produce a clear and refreshing glass of healthy drinking water. Tip of the Glacier Water is suitable and safe for all members of the family, including the furry, four-legged ones. Choose from convenient home or office delivery, in-store pickup or self-serve bottling. Tip of the Glacier Water Company also has a large selection of accessories and water dispensers available for retail purchase.

Meet Mark Weme

Meet Mark Weme

In his 11 years delivering and selling water to the community of Smithers, Mark Weme figures he's met a lot of the people who live here. In fact, says Mark, who has lived in Smithers his whole life; he often knows who's coming to the door before they even open it. The ease of getting to know people is just one of the things that Mark likes about living and owning a business in Smithers. He notes that he has many connections here, both personal and business and that Smithers is a safe community for raising a family. He also appreciates the natural scenery around the area that provides so many opportunities for activity and outdoor adventures as well as the local clubs and organizations that enhance people's lives every day.

Mark has seen ups and downs in the business community and the economy over the years. But Mark is confident that Smithers has all of the right elements to ensure a successful future for businesses of all sizes. He sees the diversity in the northern economy being able to sustain Smithers for many years and looks forward to being a part of the local business community throughout those years.

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