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Join the sustainable tiny living movement that’s taking the world by storm. Every day more and more people are living the dream after making the switch to tiny living. Rid yourself of unnecessary space, clutter and the suffocating cost of the modern world with Tiny Life Supply. The team of professional building experts share their knowledge with people like you through an online store and resource hub.

Whether you’re looking to build a tiny house, micro home, yurt, van, cabin, bus, and beyond, Tiny Life Supply is your go-to for all your pint-sized building needs. Discover a large selection of layouts, all of which can be modified, educational and how-to videos. Tiny Life Supply has it all covered, right down to the electrical, plumbing and high-end finishings. Get your dwelling completely off the grid with everything you need to reside in a completely self-sufficient space.

The bottom line isn’t the main objective for this conscientious company. According to the owners, “Our ambassadors are inspiring the planet with their commitment to health, happiness and sustainability.” The future of our planet is their number one concern, and in Tiny Life Supply fashion, a portion of their revenue is designated for projects that help to reduce CO2 emissions.

You’ve been wanting to make the step towards sustainable, tiny living for some time now. Take that leap with Tiny Life Supply today and experience life uncomplicated.

Meet Axel Whalen & Jake Daly

Meet Axel Whalen & Jake Daly

Axel Whalen and Jake Daly go way back. The pair have been lifelong friends since childhood, more recently evolving their relationship into an entrepreneurial team. Both Axel and Jake grew up in Smithers, with their families also residing in the area. The Tiny Life Supply owners are ecstatic to grow their business in the community so near and dear to their hearts.

What’s not to love? Smithers has everything from the world-renowned skiing, the epic trail network, with endless rivers and mountains tailor-made for exploration. For Axel and Jake, the real draw is the people living here. “We are most proud of the support and enthusiasm we get to share with the community,” says Axel. The two want to let you in on a little secret; check out the Hankin backcountry area, its beauty is unlike anything else in the world.

The entrepreneurial pair have big plans for the future. They are excited to invest in the town of Smithers and foresee huge success with today’s online global connections. Tiny Life Supply is becoming an international brand and hopes to contribute to the wealth of the local economy with their innovative and environmentally-conscious ideas.

4154 8 Ave
Smithers, BC V0J 2N0


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