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Smithers Sausage Factory is a local butcher shop and delicatessen that provides high-quality homemade meats and sausages. Their friendly crew is dedicated to serving only the finest selection of meats. Each item they offer is carefully selected from producers who care about their products.

Whether you’re looking for fine European sausage, homemade hams and bacon, quality cuts of BC pork, free range chicken, locally sourced beef, pepperoni or jerky, come in today! Be sure to visit their knowledgeable staff and check out their wide selection of tender, juicy, delicious cuts ready for the barbecue!

Next time you’re in Smithers, drop by and say hello to the great team at the Smithers Sausage Factory!

Meet Fred Reitsma

Meet Fred Reitsma

Fred Reitsma is proud to be born and raised in Smithers and believes it to be the most beautiful place in the world. He and his wife Teresa, started their business out of love for their community and a desire to provide local meat products to the people of the Valley. Famed for their customer service, their friendly staff are a great source of pride for the business duo. One of their favourite parts of owning a business is watching their staff grow and mature in skill level.

This hard-working couple is proud to be part of their community and thankful to be so well supported. Workers are not just staff at Smithers Sausage Factory, they are family. Fred and Teresa build strong relationships with the families that use their services and feel honoured to be included in special events, BBQs and weddings.

Small town Smithers is a place where people get to know and care for each other. There are so many reasons that Fred and his wife love their community; the small town feel, the beauty of Main Street, the mountain backdrop and their wonderful customers who spend time visiting in the retail store, catching up on family and life. “Smithers has a beautiful downtown core,” says Fred. “We love our little town and our store is the downtown MEATING place,” he laughs.

When the pair isn’t at their butcher shop, they are out enjoying the amazing outdoors around their area. You’ll see them on the mountains, the lakes or hiking and biking. You may also find them supporting other locally owned shops like Paul's Bakery and Hetherington & Hooper.

Fred has a positive outlook for the future of Smithers and has noticed more fresh-faced entrepreneurs coming onto the scene.

1107 Main St
Smithers, BC V0J 2N0


Monday to Saturday
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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