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With more and more adventure seekers hitting the roads, recreational vehicle purchases are at an all-time high. When problems inevitably arise, travelers can feel confident that Simply Gus RV will take care of everything. Conveniently and visibly located off Highway 16, this home-based RV service shop not only handles repairs and installations, but full-on renovations as well. Imagine the most beautiful, modern and updated RV, just like you’ve always dreamed of!

Simply Gus RV will tackle just about anything, from solar panel installations, plumbing and leak repairs, to appliance breakdowns, water damage and beyond. The experienced and certified mechanic technician is more than qualified to administer inspections and reseal exteriors. And with a decent selection of quality parts and materials, completed projects stand the test of time.

Here at Simply Gus RV, customers have gotten used to a higher standard of service. Get back on the road again with a personalized assessment and repair. Call today.

Meet Eric & Brynn Gustafson

Meet Eric & Brynn Gustafson

Eric and Brynn Gustafson are lucky enough to have found each other through the marvels of modern day dating technology. He, an American, and she, a Canadian in every sense of the word. The budding relationship flourished, but the long-distance shtick was getting old. Eric and Brynn arranged countless trips back and fourth, when finally enough was enough.

Brynn had recently moved to Smithers at the time of their meeting, after many years of visiting her dad in the area. It became apparent that life in the Bulkley Valley was just too good to pass up, with the gorgeous mountains and great access to outdoor recreation. Clearly Eric felt the same way, making the decision to move to Canada an easy one. Now that the married couple have settled roots in the community, including welcoming the birth of their two children, raising a family in Smithers has been a blessing in every way imaginable. “It’s a great place to call home,” shares Brynn.

Eric has been grateful to secure steady employment with one of the major industries in town, and even with a full-time career, he and Brynn have managed to create their new RV venture out of an unwavering passion. Eric has a background in heavy duty mechanics, which led the couple to their first RV renovation project. From there the business premise was born and they haven’t looked back. Brynn acts as the operations manager and handles the bookkeeping duties. Both Gustafson’s love being able to help customers bring their own design ideas to fruition. Their business has allowed them to meet people from all over the world, and Brynn mentions that she also loves how easy it has been to get to know the community.

4860 Lake Kathlyn Junction Road
Smithers, BC V0J 2N2


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