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Salt Boutique is known for its detailed and sophisticated clothing with classic lines and finesse, carefully chosen by Caroline Marko, the dynamic force and visionary owner behind Salt Boutique.

The stylists at Salt Boutique – Britt, Eleanor and Caroline, are devoted to helping their customers not just to select clothing, but to find and express their unique sense of style and their individual personality, and love seeing their customers leave the shop feeling more self-confident and inspired.

Salt Boutique carries a large selection of simple, beautiful and elegant clothing, denim, footwear and jewellery from luxury brands and designers that include Noa Noa, Sam Edelman, Hunter Boots, Pyrrha, Graham and Spencer, Sandwich, among many others, in sizes ranging from xs – xxl.

Meet Caroline Marko

Meet Caroline Marko

One of the keys to small town business success, says Caroline Marko, is building a relationship with customers that involves listening to their needs. This is something that Caroline has worked hard at doing since opening Salt Boutique in 2008. In a small town like Smithers, she adds, it's easy to get to know her customers. The community is filled with amazing people who really make this town blossom, Caroline notes. She also feels optimistic about the business community in Smithers saying "There is definitely a new energy. A new sense of what downtown Smithers should be, a feeling of taking the leap."

No stranger to new experiences and originally from Sweden, Caroline met her husband (a Smithers local) while travelling. Not long afterwards she relocated to Smithers and brought her flair for fashion and impeccable tastes with her. Combining her knowledge of tailoring and esthetic design, it has been her desire to carry feminine, yet functional clothing at Salt.

Caroline has a passion for style which she attributes to being a descendant of a long line of tailors and designers. "It's in my blood to take pride in the way you present yourself," she says, and she gets a deep sense of satisfaction from helping people find that complete and perfect outfit. "Dressing someone and seeing what works for them is something I have always been good at, and it is great to help customers see their potential," says Caroline, adding that a fabulous outfit can give a person a new sense of confidence.

Caroline says that they contemplated many places to make their home, but chose Smithers for everything that it had to offer. "For being a small town, it has so much quality. Between its spectacular natural spaces, its wonderful people and all of the services and recreational opportunities it offers, "I knew this was the community I wanted my children to grow up in. This is the town I'd like to see bloom and to contribute to. And this mountain is where my family feels most at home."

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