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Professional photographer Michelle Yarham started taking photography seriously in high school and discovered she enjoyed expressing herself through the art of photography. After highschool, Michelle traveled and worked abroad in photography before settling in Smithers just a few years ago, where she continues to express herself through her unique and intuitive photos. Michelle Yarham photographs everything from scenery to wildlife to people, but has a particular passion for lifestyle photography and capturing the special moments that help to define people’s lives.

Meet Michelle Yarham

Meet Michelle Yarham

From Michelle Yarham's perspective behind the lens, you get to know people as a professional photographer in ways that you wouldn't be able to in other types of businesses. "You get to share in people's most important life moments." And that includes engagements, weddings, pregnancies and new babies, family life and other important occasions. Michelle feels proud and privileged to be granted access to these important milestones and to be able to tell each subject's unique story through photos.

Michelle spent several years working in fashion and advertising in Los Angeles as well as in London and says she learned a lot in those years about herself and about the art and science of photography. But one of the biggest things she learned was that she didn't like big city living. So she settled in Smithers where, in addition to doing lifestyle photography, she also enjoys shooting the local scenery and wildlife. "There are so many hidden gems here," she points out, "like the rivers and the trails."

But what she will always appreciate most about Smithers living is the people. She is also enjoying being a part of the business community, noting that an influx of young entrepreneurs is making the local business scene very dynamic and vibrant. Michelle adds, "I'm looking forward to growing with the people and the community."

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