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McBike and Sport specialise in bikes, running, fishing, hunting and cross-country skiing. Selling bikes, outdoor sporting equipment accessories and also offering bike repairs and rentals.

When their experienced staff is not busy working, you can find them out enjoying outdoor sports. From experienced hunters and fishers to skilled bikers and runners, all sports supplies offered at the store have at least one expert staff member specialising in that specific sport.

During the winter months cross-country ski gear, clothing and rentals are available. Everything from starter packages to top-of-the-line race skis are offered here.

Meet Peter Krause

Meet Peter Krause

Biking has been everything to Peter Krause since he was in his early teens. He dreamt of riding in the Tour De France and put every last dime he earned towards bikes and bike parts. He road as a junior rider on Team BC and spent a season abroad, racing in Europe. While in Europe, he was given the opportunity to work in a bike shop under a former professional "Euro Tour" bike mechanic. Over the years, he continued to race but Peter soon realised how tough it would be to make a living riding bikes.

A few years later, a second opportunity arose when a local bike owner was looking to sell his shop. Peter made his dreams a reality and purchased the store. A decade later, he began to incorporate other sports into his business model that he is passionate about including triathlon, fishing, hunting and cross-country skiing equipment.

"I love coming to work every day, sharing my knowledge with others, being my own boss and always being challenged. I'm happy helping people and providing them with the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle."

Peter and his staff know how important it is to give back to your community and support many local charities and events. "We support both big and small events and charities,” he explains. The team takes part in Mother's Day Run that supports the Diabetes Association, Muscular Distrophy, Heart and Stroke, Northern Society for Domestic Peace as well as numerous sporting events and derbies in the area.

"I think the future of Smithers' business community is bright,” he says. "There's a new generation of people starting out and taking over old businesses in the community, supplying new ideas and breathing life into this town.The people here are friendly and support each other, but I think that the best thing about our town is the diversity of people who live here."

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