Mark Tworow


Mark Tworow paints landscapes, abstracts, and still-lifes. His paintings are known for their strong formal structure and lush colours. Mark has dabbled in a number of mediums throughout the years but is best known for his works in oil on canvas. Mark draws his inspiration from nature, and many of his paintings depict northern British Columbia scenery. Mark also spent a year living in New Zealand, and a gallery of his New Zealand collection of paintings as well as those from Canada is featured on his “website”: Mark’s work has been exhibited several times over the years since his days in art school in the early 1990’s. More of Mark’s work can be viewed on his “website.”:

Meet Mark Tworow

Meet Mark Tworow

Mark Tworow doesn't necessarily think of himself as an "entrepreneur," although selling his paintings may make him one by default. He thinks of himself as more of an artist than a business person. For Mark, this means being able to communicate a view of his favourite subject, nature, in a way that is meaningful. According to him, it's a way for people to have a little piece of nature indoors, and for them to get a perspective on scenes from nature that they might not get out and see for themselves. And while technology and the digital age has changed a lot about our world, Mark notes that painting is still a valid art form in spite of it.

Looking at Mark's paintings, which he prefers to create with oil paint, it's easy to tell that Mark has a passion for nature. His works depict a wide variety of natural settings, and he draws much of his inspiration from the majestic mountains, sparkling lakes and noble forests in and around Smithers.

While Smithers may be best known for its outdoor recreational opportunities, Mark points out that the town has even more to offer to both residents and visitors. "Our downtown area has lots of funky stores and coffee shops." He adds that there is also a dynamic arts community, ideal for artists of all types.

3721 Sixteenth Ave
Smithers, BC V0J 2N0


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