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BC’s dental industry began permitting hygienists to own and operate an independent practice in 1997 in many casing without the need for a referral or preceding dental exam from a dentist. Keep Smiling Beautiful is one such private dental hygiene clinics available to the public in Canada. There are now close to 2000 such practices. As of 2018 the residents of Smithers and surrounding area now have options when it comes to their oral health and wellness!

Keep Smiling Beautiful offers comprehensive oral health exams, a full range of dental hygiene services including, natural in-chair whitening and holistic, preventative dental care advice. The hygienist owner and founder Sandie Ferguson has been a registered dental hygiene professional since 1991 and is extremely knowledgeable how nutrition and vitamin deficiencies contribute to periodontal health affecting overall health and well being. In fact, poor periodontal health has now been proven through DNA evidence to cause Alzheimer’s, it has also been linked to death by pneumonia, bronchitis, diabetes, heart disease and other significant health risks. Sandie carefully examines each patient, shares her findings and jointly develops a plan for effective treatment and thorough follow-up care for at-home therapies that works for individual needs.

At Keep smiling Beautiful they care for your sensitivities and love doing it.

24-hour cancellation notice required.

Insurance is accepted; all treatments must be pre-authorized with insurance prior to appointment to keep the money story simple.

Meet Sandie Ferguson

Meet Sandie Ferguson

Sandie Ferguson is a member of CDHA Independent Dental Hygiene Community Network, CDHA, CDHBC, BCDHA and was part of CDHA’s IPAC (Independent Practice Advisory Committee) for more than 4 years.

Keep Smiling Beautiful Independent Dental Hygiene Practice is proud to be a part of sjf dental hygiene corp the first corporate dental hygiene practice in B.C..

Sandie has a passion for making dental hygiene accessible , a notion that is evident in her ground-breaking work in bringing independent dental hygiene care to our great nation. Her first clinic was opened in 1998 on Salt Spring Island, making it the third such practice in existence! Fast forward to today and Sandie now owns two independent clinics, one in the Hazeltons and her newest installment in Smithers. Sandie also regularly practices out of the Stewart Health Centre.

With a very diverse career including working in the logging industry and mental health, Sandie has perfected her ability to connect with her clients. “Being a dental hygienist is a very intimate job,” she explains. “I get to have connections with these people that in no other way would I be able to if not for my position.” Living and working in small communities like Smithers makes for a more personable experience in a multitude of ways. Sandie readily collaborates with other small businesses in hopes of mutually promoting one another. There aren't many big city centres that can offer that kind of reciprocal business relationship.

Now that Sandie is operating two part-time locations, she is kept quite busy between that and her boisterous grandchildren, whom she has been highly involved with for years. When she does have some free time, this dental hygienist enjoys quality time with her family while exploring the magnificent outdoor recreational opportunities in the Bulkley and Kispiox Valley. Sandie especially loves swimming in Tyhee and Ross Lake, snowshoeing and hiking the endless trails and scuba diving. Sandie knows staying active and eating well are essential to overall health and wellness, including your oral care. “Your health matters to me,” shares the dental hygienist. " My favorite Shakespeare quote is 'Health is beauty and the most perfect health is the most perfect beauty.' It sums up my beliefs as a dental hygienist".


By appointment only. Sandie is happy to accommodate most schedules.
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