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KABA Communications has worked closely with company leaders in developing and implementing communication strategies, focusing on effectiveness and trust building across various media platforms. Shkendie creates value through comprehensive analysis and deep understanding of your business landscape and priorities. She does her due diligence to understand your business issues. She questions your assumptions and explores your communication needs.

One of the must-haves of the digital age is two-way communication. Shkendie helps you identify and reach your communities of interest with messages that resonate with their interests.

KABA Communications is available for short and mid-term communication assignments.

Meet Shkendie Kaba

Meet Shkendie Kaba

Shkendie has more than 15 years of experience working in community mobilization and behavior change initiatives in post-communist Albania and southeast Europe. She began her professional career as an educator and community facilitator and transitioned to managing regional programs. Cross-cultural engagement and work with international organizations led to a Master's program in International Communication Management at the Hague University of Professional Education in the Netherlands.

Shkendie Kaba moved from the Netherlands to Smithers with her Canadian-born husband and their daughter in 2012. She is now a permanent resident in Canada and is very excited to be able to apply her skills in a new cultural and business environment. Settling in has been a challenge, especially finding one’s place. ‘As expected, it’s been a growth experience’, she notes. However, she has found the community of Smithers to be welcoming and friendly. When she first arrived, one of the first things she noticed was how involved and engaged neighbours and acquaintances were in voluntary activities. People in Smithers are eager to serve their communities, and it has helped to make her transition easier. She is happy that there are so many opportunities and things for families to do in the Smithers area. Along with her husband and daughter, she discovered the joy of cross country skiing and the beauty of the region’s mountains.

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