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The Groundbreakers Collective is passionate about sustainability through growing food and purchasing and eating food that is grown close to home. Although healthy living is a big part of Groundbreakers Collective’s vision, their mission is even larger. The group strives to educate the public about the many benefits to both personal health and to the economy of gardening and of supporting Bulkley Valley farmers.

Groundbreakers Collective is a cooperative society and offers a variety of programs that help to promote its mandate. They include its Harvest Box program, kids gardening workshops and food processing and preservation workshops.

Groundbreakers Collective is a member of the Smithers Chamber of Commerce and the Bulkley Valley Farmers Market.

Meet The Staff & Board of Groundbreakers Collective

Meet The Staff & Board of Groundbreakers Collective

The Groundbreakers Collective is made up of unique individuals all with a similar passion and goal: to promote sustainability through gardening, farming and eating locally-grown foods. The society is governed by a volunteer board of directors with diverse professional backgrounds, but with connections to gardening, farming and environmental stewardship. Dawn Hanson is the coordinator of the Harvest Box, a program which introduces people to farming with a local farmer and then partaking in the foods that are grown throughout the year. Dawn says that it's a wonderful way for people to participate in and learn about the food-production process firsthand as well as to connect with the local farmers that grow the foods we eat.

Small town living, says Dawn, makes it easier to educate people about the importance of farming and backyard gardening. "Doing business where we live is part of our mandate and business model," Dawn states, adding, "You can see your customers and farmers regularly, you get immediate feedback about what you are doing. It also provides more opportunities to be connected and feel included in part of a local food community. "

All of the staff and board members of Groundbreakers Collective practice what they preach. One manages a local farm. Another owns a health food store. Another is a Master Organic Gardener. All are involved in food production and promotion in one way or another and feel privileged to promote a sustainable, healthy lifestyle in Smithers.

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