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Four Dimension Computer Centre offers quality computer systems and computer support, IT services and IT consulting for businesses as well as personal computer users. Four Dimension Computer Centre carries a wide selection of computers and systems in-store, including complete workstations, laptops and tablets as well as printers, toner and ink cartridges. The shop’s service department provides repairs for most any kind of computer device, including printers. The experts at Four Dimension Computer Centre are also available for IT consulting, computer and systems training and support for home and business users.

Meet Ed Groot

Meet Ed Groot

Computers were just coming out when Ed Groot was in university. In fact, "I brought a portable typewriter to my first year of university!" he laughs. But Ed became what is sometimes described in the industry as an "early adopter" and got hooked on technology early on. He soon traded in his typewriter for a PC and continued to develop an interest in computers throughout his university years and his first job afterward.

Ed had an entrepreneurial spirit throughout his early career years, five of which were spent in Vancouver. He began exploring the idea of buying his own business. Having grown up in Smithers, he realized it was the ideal place to buy a business and settle down. "It's the most beautiful town in northern BC," he says, and he already had many family members and friends there. He jumped at the opportunity to purchase an existing computer sales and tech business in 1993, changing the name to Four Dimension afterward. Since then he's been able to help thousands of customers, both individuals and businesses, navigate the ever-changing world of technology. His favourite part of the business, in fact, is working directly with customers to solve problems and keep their computer systems running smoothly. He also enjoys being able to teach first-time computer users how to get started.

Just about every hour that's not spent in the store for Ed is spent on the baseball field in the summer time or the hockey rink in the winter, either playing or coaching. His kids are all hockey players, and some weeks he's on the ice more days than he's off, but he loves every minute of it.

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