Eclipse Geomatics Ltd.


Operating since 2006 in rural Smithers, Eclipse Geomatics is a small company that provides spatial solutions and information management to the natural resource sector. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and open-source tools to design creative project plans for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Eclipse Geomatics focuses their expertise on ecological, wildlife habitat, archaeological overview and wild salmon policies. Their impeccable cartographic work includes mapping of park management areas, rivers, infrastructures, and additionally interpretive signage. As a leader in the industry, Eclipse Geomatics specializes in projects that emphasize sustainable development including conservation, land use planning, data management and providing technical services to the Skeena Knowledge Trust.

Eclipse Geomatics services are offered throughout Northwestern BC, with contracts reaching across the nation. This geographic-based company also feature training and workshops on numerous topics such as data governance, information management, spatial data, QGIS software and watershed education with the Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox exibit. As only one of five exhibits existing in BC, the AR Sandbox is an ideal learning tool to facilitate public awareness on the myriad of physical landscapes, while encouraging exploration of the properties of nature. Contact the Bulkley Valley Research Centre to book your educational AR Sandbox event.

For all of your spatial needs of sustainable development projects, Eclipse Geomatics is your one-stop shop. Contact the office for more information and inquiries.

Meet Johanna Pfalz

Meet Johanna Pfalz

Johanna Pfalz created Eclipse Geomatics in 2006 after working for the provincial government as an information management specialist for more than ten years. Her expertise in the field led her to excel as a consultant, advising numerous agencies on geographical information systems with a recent focus on exploring Indigenous Information Governance initiatives. Loyally at Johanna's side is a team of accomplished information specialists who have aided in propelling Eclipse Geomatics toward success. It is with their comprehensive knowledge and work ethic that the business reaps a renowned reputation. When Johanna isn't busy mapping terrain for clients, she loves spending time in nature with her beloved partner, daughter and dog. Smithers is the perfect location for exploring the bountiful outdoors, with recreational opportunities at every turn.


Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.