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Eckland’s Denture Clinic has been meeting the dental needs of Smithers and northern BC for 60 years. The clinic is fully staffed with experienced professionals who are skilled at helping customers determine what they need and producing high quality, long-lasting products. The clinic carries both acrylic and porcelain-tooth denture products as well as related products that include mouthwash, dental cleansers and gels and other accessories. Their friendly staff will put you at ease and ensure that you come away with a comfortable and functional set of dentures.

Eckland’s Denture Clinic is a member of the Denturist Association of British Columbia, the Denturist Association of Canada and the College of Denturists of British Columbia.

Meet Tracey Turko

Meet Tracey Turko

Tracey Turko admits that she “kind of fell into” the denture clinic business when she bought the well-established Eckland’s Denture Clinic in 1997, after working there for 10 years. It has now been a part of the community of Smithers for 60 years, something that Tracey is very proud of. The clinic serves customers from all over northern BC and has developed a strong reputation for quality work and products and friendly, knowledgeable customer service, something that has helped it to thrive for so long.

Tracey is deeply rooted in the community of Smithers and comments that it's a great place for raising a family, thanks to its wealth of recreational opportunities and its laid-back lifestyle. But most importantly, Tracey adds that its people really make Smithers the wonderful place that it is. "People genuinely care about others and about getting to know each other," she says, adding that the small town atmosphere allows her to make more personal connections with the clinic's customers.

Tracey is an avid proponent of shopping local, noting that she tries to do as much shopping locally as she can, including for her business. Because of this, as well as all of the great services that are available here, Tracey believes that the future for Smithers businesses and the economy is bright and growing.

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